The Master Class Model

Focused on those who want the missions and ministry skills without the price tag of a seminary, we have designed a platform that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world and will not put you in debt. The collaborative nature of our classes will enhance the sense of community where innovation and creativity can thrive. This is a learning experience designed with the practitioner in mind.

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic video lectures with practical demonstrations and supplemental resources

  • Accessible

    Online and accessible 24/7 from your phone or computer anywhere in the world

  • Engaging

    Engaging forum topics connected to a global network of learners doing theology and ministry collaboratively


It is your education so our classes are especially designed for an online and engaging experience that is focused on your learning goals.

  • Equip

    Equipping for ministry at your own pace with respected experts in the fields of theology and missiology.

  • Experience

    Experience learning that provides a foundation and flexibility for developing skills to church plant, lead discipleship groups, engage in cross-cultural missions, and communicate the gospel.

  • Explore

    Exploring the possibilities of a future in ministry while developing strategies for engaging cultural issues from a distinctly evangelical position.

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Introducing the Ephesiology Master Classes

Expert content that is both engaging and academic

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We've been where you are . . .

so we focus on content that we know will help you succeed in multiplying disciples, planting churches, crossing cultures, and addressing social justice issues

Our master classes will challenge you to develop a holistic approach to changing your world so that you are appropriately equipped for effective ministry. You'll learn from an international team of experts who are engaged in disciple making, apologetics, and social justice. They cross cultures, engage thought leaders, and catalyze movements on six continents. Their master classes help you develop a solid foundation in missiological theology and framework in leadership based upon Eph 4:11-12. We'll help guide you in effective church planting and social justice ministries as well as in engaging the marketplace. While solidly evangelical, our instructors come from different ecclesiastical backgrounds and work for various evangelical organizations. They have been where you are and know how to equip you get to where you want to be.

Are you ready to change your world?

It's not simply about what you know in your head, but what you believe in heart and do with your hands so that you are motivated and equipped to lead movements.

Training Programs

Preparing to be a missionary or church planter? It couldn't be any more easier, accessible, and affordable than our Ephesiology Master Class training programs. You can even earn a Master of Arts in Missiology of Movements.