Can you imagine having 5-10 more people in your church equipped to engage your community with the gospel?

Pastors are making a considerable investment of their time and resources, and we want to help make their load lighter by equipping leaders to walk with them to see their community transformed by the gospel.

Partnering with you, Seminary@YourChurch’s unique certificates are cohort-based training offered in multiple delivery systems set in your church community. Participants enrolling in the program will benefit from our professors coming to the church, live web-streamed classes, and online asynchronous learning allowing them the advantage of completing a graduate certificate that can lead to a Seminary Degree.

Apply the certificate to degrees from collaborating seminaries

We are a growing network of kingdom-minded academic institutions focused on God's movement in the world. We're committed to bringing world-class theological education to the church.


We equip emerging leaders with skills and knowledge to engage their communities by using their gifts

  • Affordable

    Get the same, high quality, and academically rigorous classes for a fraction of the cost

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic video lectures with practical demonstrations and supplemental resources

  • Engaging

    Engaging interaction connected to a global network of learners doing theology and ministry collaboratively

  • 24/7 Access

    All day and all night access from wherever in the world you are doing ministry

  • Graduate Certificate

    Complete a certificate that leads to a seminary degree

  • Seminary Credit

    Earn academic credit from our partner seminaries

Join our world-class faculty

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Sylvie Raquel

Professor of Biblical Studies

Ephesiology Master Classes bridge the gap between the Church and academia. They provide practical, academic training at a fraction of the cost. They do not follow the semester format so people anywhere in the world can start their training as soon as they want. No other curriculum is able to match the flexibility, quality, and value of this program.

Gary Fujino

Professor of Diapsora Studies

Ephesiology Master Classes is full of cutting-edge resources to meet the training needs of today’s missional worker. Combining academic rigor with practical insights and real time application, the Master Classes uses online technology in the virtual classroom to give relevant, biblical content for the missiological challenges of our ever changing, ever needy world.

Alan Hirsch

Author and Founder of Movement Leaders Collective and Forge Missional Training Network

The idea of having a fully accredited online degree focusing on movements and movement dynamics has been a long-term dream. Here is one that is led by very thoughtful practitioners in missional ecclesiology. What’s not to like?

Warrick Farah

Missiologist, One Collective

Ephesiology could prove to be a trendsetter which fills an important gap for many organizations as the future of missiological education may likely involve the development and curation of online resources and courses. I commend you for your vision and creativity.

Rich Robinson

Director of CREO Ventures

Ephesiology Master Classes give you the access to high level input from experts in their field. It is presented in an accessible format and an engaging style, equipping everyday leaders and every leader to be able to grow in particular areas, as well as generally in the character and competency of leadership and to become more Christ-like.

Jeff Christopherson

Author, Co-Founder, and Missiologist, Send Institute

Ephesiology Master Classes fills a gap that no group or no idea is filling. I love the idea of an academically rigorous and immensely practical digital equipping of leaders toward kingdom ministry. That’s a powerful combination.

Steve Leston

President and CEO, To Every Tribe

Ephesiology Master Classes is valuable because it allows the student to connect with a wide array of theologians who are also practitioners. Learning from those who are also doing allows the student to not only understand the facts of missiology, but also gain the insight that comes from wisdom of the instructors who are applying what they know to the mission. Truth, saturated in practice that yields wisdom is the best well to drink from when training for ministry.

Meet your professors

They know ministry because they are not just academics, they are practitioners.