Serving Leaders through Theological Education

Seminary for the Majority World is designed for house church leaders, church planters, and missionaries to help you fulfill your ministry. We know you do not have the time for traditional seminary and perhaps you even have limited resources. Plus, we know you are passionate about ministry where you are and you do not want to move to attend seminary. The learning experiences in the program are seminary level and taught be some of the world's leading professors.

Try our free courses or enroll in the certificate. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • We know you can do evangelism and discipleship. So, we want to serve you by helping you develop competencies in theology and missiology.

  • The health and future of the church is important to you so we must not compromise on your theological education.

  • We know that many pastors are not able to relocate to a seminary. So, we want to provide seminary classes that are accessible from where you are.

  • When you finish a course, you'll receive a certificate of completion.

  • Courses can apply toward a certificate in ministry from Mission India Theological Seminary.

Seminary for the Majority World

The 36-credit hour certificate is especially focused on helping you mature disciples, develop New Testament leaders, and start healthy churches.

Earn a Pastoral Studies Certificate

Study with world class scholars for only $15 per month

In many places around the world, governments and denominations require proof of completion of a theological educational program in order to be granted the right to be a pastor. In other places, pastors without theological education are looked down upon by other pastors. Our certificate can play a part in your credentials and credibility in your community.

Our Partner

Developing Christ-like Leaders in the Majority World

In 1993, with a clear vision and guidance from God, Dr. Saji Lukos established a Leadership Training Center for developing Christ-like global leaders for transforming communities in India and beyond. Today, Mission India Theological Seminary focuses on raising up 100,000 Christ-like leaders within the next 25 years.