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We know you are passionate about church planting and so are we. Our institute is especially designed to prepare you to see God do more than you can imagine.

  • Equip

    Get equipped for church planting at your own pace with respected experts in the fields of theology and missiology. They have been where you are and they know what is needed for a successful church plant.

  • Experience

    Experience learning that provides a foundation and flexibility for developing skills to church plant, reproduce disciples, develop leaders, and effectively communicate the gospel in your community.

  • Explore

    Explore the foundations for catalyzing a new church while developing skills in APEST leadership, cultural exegesis, and worldview apologetics.

Equipping Church Planting Leaders

Passion for Planting recommends Ephesiology's Church Planting Institute

This is where you turn a dream into passion, and passion into action that multiples disciples, equips church leaders, and starts healthy churches.

“Training for church planting begins with training in disciple making. The Church Planter Institute starts with scripture and unpacks disciple making and church planting for you with instructors that are practitioners. If you’re preparing to plant or preparing to send out a planter, this is a great resource to help you plant a healthy, multiplying church.”

Patrick Bradley, Director of Operations, Passion for Planting

"We're excited about a collaboration that has the potential to equip and train more church planters with a proper missiological and theological foundation for starting healthy churches. The Passion for Planting and Ephesiology teams are highly motivated to see you effectively engage your community with the gospel."

Michael T. Cooper, Program Director and author of Ephesiology: The Study of the Ephesian Movement

Meet our international team of experts

They know ministry because they are not just academics; they are practitioners.

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We equip leaders to catalyze biblically sound and theological grounded church plants.

Here is where you build a foundation for mature disciples, New Testament leaders, and healthy church.

The Institute's Model

Our Church Planter's Institute focuses on equipping you with ministry skills that will help ensure success in your new church plant. This is a learning experience designed with the church planter in mind.

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic video lectures with practical demonstrations and supplemental resources.

  • Accessible

    Online and accessible 24/7 from your phone or computer anywhere in the world.

  • Engaging

    Engaging forum topics connected to a global network of learners doing theology and ministry collaboratively.

  • Cohort Based

    Get equipped with your team in a cohort based learning experience of doing theology in community.

  • A passion for planting

    We're not simply interested in what goes into your head. We want your heart to be ignited with passion to do the work God has called you to.

  • Graduate Certificate

    With additional requirements, you can earn a graduate certificate that leads to an accredited Master of Arts in Missiology of Movements.

Need on the ground, tactical support?

Passion for Planting project managers come alongside the church planter with tools, tips & tactics to quickly cut through the stuff that bogs planters down so that they can spend more time with people

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