Don't go to seminary. Let us bring seminary to you.

We know you are passionate about God's mission and so are we. Our non-residential degree programs are especially designed to prepare you to see God do more than you can imagine right from your place of ministry.

  • Equip

    Equipping for ministry at your own pace with respected experts in the fields of church planting, theology, and missiology. They have been where you are and they know what is needed for success.

  • Experience

    Experience learning that provides a foundation and flexibility for developing skills to church plant, lead discipleship groups, engage in cross-cultural missions, and communicate the gospel.

  • Explore

    Explore the foundations to catalyze church plants, revitalize existing churches, and sustain movements while developing strategies for engaging culture from a distinctly evangelical position.

What's not to like?

Alan Hirsch

The idea of having fully accredited online degrees focusing on movements and movement dynamics has been a long-term dream. Here are ones that are led by very thoughtful practitioners in missional ecclesiology. What’s not to like?

I love the idea!

Jeff Christopherson

The master degrees at Ephesiology fill a gap that no group or no idea is filling. I love the idea of an academically rigorous and immensely practical digital equipping of leaders toward kingdom ministry. That’s a powerful combination.

Unmatched flexibility, quality, and value.

Sylvie Raquel

The master degrees at Ephesiology bridge the gap between the Church and academia. They provide practical, academic training at a fraction of the cost. No other curriculum is able to match the flexibility, quality, and value of this program.

Designed for and available to people everywhere

Zack Turner

Making disciples is a challenging process. That’s why I’m excited to see the quality and scope of Ephesiology Master Classes and their Degrees. I love the fact that these resources are designed for and available to people everywhere who are already living on mission.

Ideal for those that are already passionately serving

Heath Haynes

Ephesiology Masterclass' Seminary Degrees are ideal for those that are already passionately serving the cause of Christ in pursuing world transforming missional movement. They are led by, not just brilliant and well qualified leaders, they are also led by practitioners. Ephesiology Masterclasses do everything they can to keep you on mission by coming to you instead of removing you from your context of ministry.

We are passionate about church planting and movements

Join a learning experience concerned for your head, heart, and hands, and earn a Doctoral or Master's degree. Or, begin with one of our certificates and apply the experience to a degree later.

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Let Us Bring Seminary to You

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Our degree programs are designed to equip passionate individuals with ministry skills, Christlike character, and a biblically informed worldview in order to make disciples in their community and around the world.

Our Educational Philosophy

This is your education and our focus is on you not simply as a student, but as a fellow learner on a journey to develop a proficiency in theological and missiological content, vocational skills that will lead to success, and character motivated by your identity in Christ.

  • Character Development

    ✔️Deepen your faith as you follow Jesus.

    ✔️Participate in a journey of discipleship and formation that invites you to embody the way of Jesus as co-laborer on God’s mission.

    ✔️Learn to integrate your faith and your vocation so that what you do is shaped by who you are as a follower of Jesus.

  • Vocational Excellence

    ✔️Develop skills across a wide array of disciplines (e.g. Bible, theology, missiology, leadership, spirituality, and more).

    ✔️Learn to communicate effectively in your culture and in the world around you.

    ✔️Be equipped for a life-time of service of church planting and training church planters.

  • Proficiency Learning

    ✔️Develop patterns of thinking that reflect biblical, theological, historical, contextual, and vocational realities.

    ✔️Demonstrate your learning through a portfolio of learning that provides evidence of who you are, what you can do, and where you thrive.

    ✔️Learn in the context of real-life situations rather than fabricated classroom experiences.

Earn a degree from our partner seminaries.

Study at world class seminaries accredited by Association of Theological Schools and Asia Theological Association.

And you don't have to leave ministry to do it!

Affordable. Accessible. Relevant. Faithful. Kairos University

Kairos University is a global system of theological education that provides opportunities for students to build entirely customized educational journeys that are affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. The University has a campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with offices throughout the United States and Canada, partnerships with organizations around the world, and students from nearly every continent.

Kairos University is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools

Developing Christ-like Leaders in the Majority World Mission India Theological Seminary

In 1993, with a clear vision and guidance from God, Dr. Saji Lukos established a Leadership Training Center for developing Christ-like global leaders for transforming communities in India and beyond. Today, Mission India Theological Seminary focuses on raising up 100,000 Christ-like leaders within the next 25 years.

Mission India Theological Seminary is accredited by the Asia Theological Association

Earn certificates to apply toward degrees at these partner seminaries

A Different Kind of Seminary Knox Theological Seminary

Knox Theological Seminary will equip students from nations across the globe with the knowledge and skills needed to be ministry leaders in the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Knox education will be marked by its consistency with Reformational theology, theological depth, practical applicability in world-wide cultures, and evangelistic aim. The Seminary will provide online and residential courses to train students already engaged in a vocational or ministerial role, as well as those interested in full-time residential studies. Knox students will be united by their affirmation of the Apostles’ Creed but come from diverse Christian theological traditions, and will desire to grow in their knowledge of God for the purpose of serving Christ by proclaiming the Gospel to unbelievers and discipling those who already believe.

Equipping Men and Women of God for the Edification of the Body of Christ Nepal Ebenezer Bible College

Considering the growing needs of theologically trained people in Nepal in order to produce spiritual leaders and strengthen the churches, which were and are rapidly growing throughout the country, Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC) was established in 1992 as a wing of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN). From its inception, NEBC has been focusing to provide sound biblical teaching with the emphasis of practical implication. Though there are several Bible training centres in Nepal, NEBC stands for some specific characteristics with its vision and mission. First, it stands beyond the denominational discrepancies, and accommodates students, faculties, and staffs from all denominations who confess the fundamental beliefs of Christian Faith. Secondly, it is not an individual endeavor, rather a corporate vision to equip men and women of God for the edification of the Church, particularly in Nepal and in general beyond Nepali Diaspora.