About the Program

Missionaries and church leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of traumatic events on the lives of those they disciple as well as those they are attempting to introduce to the gospel. The Master of Arts focused on Trauma and Resilience is a 48-credit hour program designed to equip missionaries and church leaders, as well as other concerned Christians, with the tools to aid individuals who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse, religious persecution, war and displacement (both internally and externally), among other traumatic events. The aim is to empower these individuals to cultivate resilience through their identity in Christ. The program is a multi-faceted experience incorporating self-paced and hybrid formats of learning that is facilitated by faculty mentors with decades of involvement in cross-cultural missions.

  • Design contextually meaningful ways to introduce and teach on the topic of trauma informed practices in cross-cultural contexts.

  • Equip church leadership with the skills to begin trauma informed classes in their churches.

  • Articulate best practices in the field of trauma informed ministry.

  • Embody characteristics of compassion and mercy to people impacted by traumatic events.

  • Develop a biblically informed theology of suffering and resilience.

  • Disciple individuals and groups into an identity as Christ followers as an aspect of healing and resilience.

Our Educational Philosophy

This is your education and our focus is on you not simply as a student, but as a fellow learner on a journey to develop a proficiency in theological and missiological content, vocational skills that will lead to success, and character motivated by your identity in Christ.

  • Character Development

    ✔️Deepen your faith as you follow Jesus.

    ✔️Participate in a journey of discipleship and formation that invites you to embody the way of Jesus as co-laborer on God’s mission.

    ✔️Learn to integrate your faith and your vocation so that what you do is shaped by who you are as a follower of Jesus.

  • Vocational Excellence

    ✔️Develop skills across a wide array of disciplines (e.g. Bible, theology, missiology, leadership, spirituality, and more).

    ✔️Learn to communicate effectively in your culture and in the world around you.

    ✔️Be equipped for a life-time of service of church planting and training church planters.

  • Proficiency Learning

    ✔️Develop patterns of thinking that reflect biblical, theological, historical, contextual, and vocational realities.

    ✔️Demonstrate your learning through a portfolio of learning that provides evidence of who you are, what you can do, and where you thrive.

    ✔️Learn in the context of real-life situations rather than fabricated classroom experiences.

Enjoy these Learning Experiences

Both online and live hybrid formats with world-class faculty

In partnership with Kairos University

Affordable. Accessible. Relevant. Faithful.

Kairos University is a global system of theological education that provides opportunities for students to build entirely customized educational journeys that are affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. The University has a campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with offices throughout the United States and Canada, partnerships with organizations around the world, and students from nearly every continent.

The university is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and The Higher Learning Commission. Learn more by clicking the button below.

A typical student

Participants in the MA degree are not simply students enrolled in a self-paced course. They join a learning community of like-minded experts and other explorers. We would love to welcome you into a creative and innovative global community.

Our typical student is . . .

  • A church or lay leader desiring to fulfill their passion to start new churches

  • A prospective missionary preparing to go to the field

  • A deployed missionary looking to sharpen cross-cultural effectiveness to successfully plant indigenous churches

  • A co-vocational pastor focused on equipping others to multiplying disciples

  • A lead pastor preparing his church for reproducing healthy churches

Earn your MA for only $300 per Month

Our unique tuition subscription plan gives you financial options for your seminary education!.

The MA/TR program is a total of 48 credit hours and can be completed in as little as 16 months. The more diligently you progress through the program the less you pay in tuition. We do this to incentivize your hard work and help you steward the financial resources God has given you. If life gets in the way, simply pause your subscription and re-subscribe when your calendar permits.

Degree Benefits

  • Affordable

    Get high quality, and academically rigorous seminary classes for a fraction of the cost.

  • Master of Arts

    Graduate in 16 months or less with a degree that positions you with the skills to help those in need.

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic video lectures with practical demonstrations and supplemental resources.

  • Engaging

    Engaging interaction connected to a global network of learners doing theology and ministry collaboratively.

  • 24/7 Access

    All day and all night access from wherever in the world you are doing ministry. You do not have to move to a seminary campus.

  • Accredited

    Kairos University is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.

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We do not just simply fill your heads, but your hearts so that your hands are motivated and equipped to lead movements.

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