Advanced Standing Student Courses

Students who have completed either a bachelor’s degree in theology or a master’s degree in theology (including Bible, missions, ministry degrees) are entitled to advanced standing status and are required to take 30 credit hours of courses to receive the MA Missiology of Movements degree.

What our students are saying

My desire to pursue theological education and specifically why I am interested in the MA Missiology of Movements degree has to do specifically with the opportunity to study the missiology of movements. 

Missionary to South East Asia


Honestly speaking, I feel wholly inadequate in my responsibility to help train up future leaders, disciple-makers, church planters, and pastors of our church. As a pastor, that weighs heavy on my heart and greatly concerns me. . . . What excites me most about pursuing the MA in Missiology of Movements is that it appears to provide exactly what I'm looking for - learning how to better train and equip future leaders so they can reproduce as disciple-making disciples and gospel-centered church planters.

Pastor, USA


I believe that this degree in the Missiology of Movement will help me continue on this journey. I believe I’m supposed to spend the remaining portion of my life focusing on researching and developing different biblical models of church multiplication, as well as training, equipping, and supporting future practitioners of those models. I want to become a catalyst in making disciples in my community and around this world and I strongly feel that this degree will equip me and fill in any gaps that I may have, in order to bring about change in my life and the lives of others.

Pastor, USA


I am pursuing a MA in Missiology of Movements because I want to continue to grow in wisdom, understanding, and passion for God’s Word and his mission and be faithful to steward the gifts God has given me for his glory among the nations . . . . I am incredibly excited to continue to be equipped and blessed by great instructors that I may pass on what I learn and teach/equip others for ministry as well!

Missionary Trainer focused on Unreached People Groups


As a pastor and church planter I desire to grow in my knowledge of how to expand my missional understanding. Our church desires to multiply other churches, leaders, and missionaries. This degree program seems perfectly suited to provide a combination of biblical, theological, missional, and practical insights on being more effective in these pursuits.

Pastor, USA


This degree thoroughly aligns with our church and our affiliation with the Acts29 church-planting network. Our church's mission is to "Make disciples, Equip the Saints, and Plant Churches." I am interested in this degree not only for myself, but also for many of the young men we are discipling in the church. We hope to promote this Master's degree in our church and in our region.

Pastor, USA


I pursuing the MA in Missiology of Movements to deepen my biblical foundation and practical understanding of how God is advancing his Kingdom through movements. I serve as a cross cultural worker in the Middle East, and this degree directly applies to what we are wanting God to do here. I believe this degree will equip me to better discern the specific role I have in God's unfolding Kingdom work, become a more effective disciple-maker, and sharpen my missiological thinking as a cultural outsider seeking to establish new, multiplying churches in a hard field. I don't think there is a degree that is better suited to my current time constraints or more relevant for the work God has called me too.

Missionary to the Middle East

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