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Carl F.H. Henry

Social justice is not simply an appendage to the evangelistic message; it is an intrinsic part of the whole, without which the preaching of the gospel is truncated. Theology devoid of social justice is a deforming weakness of much present-day evangelical witness.


An introduction to the ministry of social justice from biblical, historical, missiological and contemporary points of view. This course will provide the student with a biblical paradigm to engage the topic of social justice in our nations and neighborhoods. Selected topics of contemporary social justice concern will be explored for understanding their impact on local and global communities. Particular care will be given to skills to build resilience and longevity in the ministry of social justice.

Dive into a thought-provoking learning experience that explores social justice through the lens of evangelical theology. Discover the intersection of gospel and activism, and learn how you can make a meaningful impact. In this course, you will . . .

  • Deepen your understanding of social justice issues

  • Explore biblical foundations for justice and compassion

  • Engage in open discussions about faith, ethics, and social change

  • Empower yourself with practical tools for advocacy and service

Here's what to expect

A weekly gathering of a learning community focused on engaging the topic of social justice

    1. Welcome to this Ephesiology Master Class

    2. How to use the course player

    3. Introduction to The Ministry of Social Justice

    4. Description and Objectives

    5. Pick up the textbooks

    6. Before we begin...

    1. Welcome

    1. What to expect in this session

    2. Why Social Justice

    3. Definitions of Justice

    4. Bible Project's Justice Video

    5. Bible Project's Justice podcast

    6. Biblical and Theological Foundations

    7. Chris Wright - The Lausanne Covenant

    8. The Bible Project's The Image of God

    9. Discussion

    10. Scripture Speaks Social Justice

    11. Historical Foundations for Social Justice

    12. Respond

    13. Respond

    14. Barriers to Social Justice

    1. What to expect in Unit 2

    2. Race

    3. The Talk

    4. Orange Shirt Day

    5. Race in America - Part 1

    6. Race in America - Part 2

    7. Health

    8. Land

    9. Media

    10. Education

    11. Politics

    12. Human Trafficking

    13. Bioethics

    14. Gender

    15. Human Rights of Women

    16. Half the Sky

    17. Hunger

    1. What to expect in this session

    2. Building People of Compassion and Resilience

    3. Reflection

    4. Building Communities of Compassion and Resilience

    5. Discussion

    6. Cultural Intelligence

    7. Giving Honor

    8. David Livermore

    9. Discussion

    1. Before you go...

    2. Want to go deeper?

About this learning experience

  • 49 lessons
  • regularly $200; now just $50 with coupon code justice2024
  • Asynchronous video learning and discussion forums

Social Injustice, Volumes 1 & 2

Engage with evangelical thought leaders

Social Injustice Volumes 1 and 2 together form a comprehensive exploration of the evangelical perspective on social justice. In Volume 1, readers are challenged through ten thought-provoking chapters to reflect on their role in addressing critical social issues from a distinctly evangelical standpoint, emphasizing the relevance of these considerations to the ongoing divine mission in the world. Building on this foundation, Volume 2 delves into crucial themes such as discipleship, politics, race, mental health, and community development, featuring global contributions from practitioners and scholars. Titled "Social Injustice, Volume 2: Evangelical Voices in Tumultuous Times," this volume offers accessible and insightful conversations guiding the evangelical church in effectively addressing and contributing to the resolution of social injustices in our tumultuous times.


She is Safe, Regional Director Kathryn Richards Bhatia

Kathryn Richards Bhatia, MDiv, BCC, has served since 2014 with She Is Safe, a non-profit ministry working with women and girls at extreme risk of abuse and slavery, particularly among war refugees and outcast people groups. A board-certified chaplain with a focus on trauma and resilience, she has developed a paradigm for healing called The Three Healing Friends: Laughter, Tears and Silence and recently co-edited Social Injustice, Volume 2: Evangelical Voices in Tumultuous Times. Born and raised in the Middle East, she’s a third-culture kid, a fourth-generation minister of the Gospel, and mother of five adult children. She is married to Dr. Amit Bhatia, with whom she shares a love of Indian food, international travel, and hiking in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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