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Our classes are especially designed for an on-demand and engaging experience that is focused on your personal development and learning goals. With your subscription to Master Class Elite, you’ll have access to more than 20 master classes taught by world class subject matter experts. Plus, your subscription helps us train pastors and missionaries around the world. Here are just a few of many features and benefits:

  • Online discussion forums with your instructors and others who will inspire you in your pursuits.

  • Lifetime access to hours of quality video content that will equip you to effectively engage culture.

  • A great value for your personal encouragement and learning that will empower your leadership to affect change.

  • Same academic rigor with a practical and devotional focus for a fraction of the price of seminary

  • Certificates of course completions that could help meet requirements for ordination, or employment with missions organizations, and churches

When you subscribe ...

You are helping us bring quality theological education to pastors and missionaries around the world

  • You'll help us provide scholarships and training opportunities for pastors and missionaries working in the least reached areas of the world. 95% of pastors have no formal theological training. While we cannot equip them all, we have the capacity to provide high quality theological education for 100 leaders each year.

  • You'll help us employ national teaching assistants who are responsible to shepherd students through the degree program. Teaching assistants are highly qualified nationals who have graduated from seminary and are working full-time in ministry. By providing them with financial resources, they are able to continue their ministry with a much broader impact.

  • You'll help us maintain infrastructure and technology for delivering accessible learning content. Today’s technology is available in the most remote parts of the world and we are taking advantage of it by ensuring we develop learning materials that are accessible even on the Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal.

  • PLUS! Your $70/month subscription helps us train 7 pastors in the Muslim/Hindu world.

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It's not simply about what you know in your head, but what you believe in heart and do with your hands so that you are motivated and equipped to be a leader in your church or ministry.