What to Expect

This learning experience explores theological, missiological, and ecclesiological bases for effective evangelism. It is designed to help you think biblically about the gospel, what it is and what it is not. It also aims to help you wrestle with how to proclaim the good news in ways that remain faithful to the scriptures while being appropriate for your ministry setting. The course also seeks to develop skills in evangelism and in training members of the church to do the work of evangelists.

By the completion of the course, you will:

  • Develop biblical thinking about evangelism.

  • Grow in practical skills of evangelism.

  • Begin to develop a philosophy of ministry for training the church in evangelism.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Required Assignments

    • Required Textbooks

    • Recommended Resources

    • Instructions for MA students

    • Writing & Style Guides

    • Writing a Seminary Paper

    • Course Bibliography

    • Resources for Research

  3. 3
    • Evangelism in our Ever-Changing World

    • Center Church Assignment

  4. 4
    • Our Unchanging Message

    • How to Reach the West Again

  5. 5
    • Strategies for Pre-Evangelim

    • Mere Evangelism

    • Begin Gospel Conversations Assignment

  6. 6
    • Sowing and Reaping

    • Begin Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God assignment

    • Begin Unlikely Converts Assignment

  7. 7
    • Evangelism and Mercy Ministries

    • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

  8. 8
    • Lessons from the Book of Acts

    • Unlikely Converts

  9. 9
    • Lessons from Church History

    • Read Keller

    • Questions that Matter

  10. 10
    • Weaving Evangelism into the Life of the Local Church

    • Questions that Matter

    • Keller assignment

  11. 11
    • The Final Evangelism Project

    • Reading Report

  12. 12
    • Want to go further? Here's what's next.

    • Invite us to speak

    • More resources for you

    • One more thing ...

    • Before you go...

Mere Evangelism

10 Insights From C.S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith

Evangelism is an extraordinary task; it’s what God uses to bring people from death to life. But it has always been difficult. C.S. Lewis was used by God in the conversions of countless people, from friends and acquaintances in his own lifetime to modern-day readers of books such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity (the most influential Christian book of the 20th century). As Tim Keller comments, “C.S. Lewis was incredibly skilled at getting Christianity across in a way that’s powerful to thoughtful people." So, if we want help with evangelism, there is much we can learn from the clarity and imagination of this hugely influential Christian writer.


Senior Fellow, C.S. Lewis Institute

Randy Newman

Dr. Newman is the Senior Fellow for Evangelism and Apologetics at The C. S. Lewis Institute in the Washington, DC area. He has also taught at numerous theological seminaries and colleges. After serving for over 30 years with Campus Crusade for Christ, he established Connection Points, a ministry to help Christians engage people’s hearts the way Jesus did. He has written a number of books and articles about evangelism and other ways our lives intertwine with God’s creation. He is also the host of Questions That Matter, a podcast of the C. S. Lewis Institute. He and his wife Pam live in Annandale, VA and are grateful for their children and a growing number of grandchildren.