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Individual Plans

Prepare yourself with the ministry skills you need to plant a church, disciple your neighbors, and engage your community with the gospel. Get unlimited access to all our courses.

  • Monthly Individual Membership = $45/month (ideal for co-vocational ministry)

  • Pay as you go. Classes range from $9.99 to $200

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For a limited time, we are taking another 55% off of our special monthly Friends of Ephesiology subscription. You can start preparing now for the adventure that God is placing before you with a special early adopter subscription rate of just $25 per month

Mission Agency Plans

Deploy your missionaries to the field and let us serve you by equipping them while they are engaged in the work. Get unlimited access to our classes for your entire missionary force.

  • 500-999 staff = $25/month per missionary unit

  • 200-499 staff = $30/month per missionary unit

  • 50-199 staff = $35/month missionary per unit

Church Plans

Equip your church members to be more than volunteers. Get unlimited access to all our classes for your entire church membership.

  • 500-999 members = $12,500 per year

  • 200-499 members = $5,000 per year

  • 50-199 members = $1,250 per year

Trusted and practical training

Our international team of experts are engaged in church planting, evangelism, and discipleship around the world. They know movements because they are not just academics. They are practitioners.

We've been where you are . . .

so we focus on content that we know will help you succeed in multiplying disciples, planting churches, crossing cultures, and addressing social justice issues

Our master classes will challenge you to develop a holistic approach to changing your world so that you are appropriately equipped for effective ministry. You'll learn from an international team of experts who are engaged in disciple making, apologetics, and social justice. They cross cultures, engage thought leaders, and catalyze movements on six continents. Their master classes help you develop a solid foundation in missiological theology and framework in leadership based upon Eph 4:11-12. We'll help guide you in effective church planting and social justice ministries as well as in engaging the marketplace. While solidly evangelical, our instructors come from different ecclesiastical backgrounds and work for various evangelical organizations. They have been where you are and know how to equip you to get to where you want to be.

What some of our expert faculty are saying

Ephesiology Master Classes is full of cutting-edge resources to meet the training needs of today’s missional worker. Combining academic rigor with practical insights and real time application, the Master Classes uses online technology in the virtual classroom to give relevant, biblical content for the missiological challenges of our ever changing, ever needy world.

Gary Fujino, Professor of Diaspora, Missional University

The idea of having a fully accredited online degree focusing on movements and movement dynamics has been a long-term dream. Here is one that is led by very thoughtful practitioners in missional ecclesiology. What’s not to like?

Alan Hirsch, Author and Founder of Movement Leaders Collective and Forge Missional Training Network 

Ephesiology could prove to be a trendsetter which fills an important gap for many organizations as the future of missiological education may likely involve the development and curation of online resources and courses. I commend you for your vision and creativity.

Warrick Farah, Missiologist, One Collective

Ephesiology Master Classes give you the access to high level input from experts in their field. It is presented in an accessible format and an engaging style, equipping everyday leaders and every leader to be able to grow in particular areas, as well as generally in the character and competency of leadership and to become more Christ-like.

Rich Robinson, Director of CREO Ventures

Ephesiology Master Classes fills a gap that no group or no idea is filling. I love the idea of an academically rigorous and immensely practical digital equipping of leaders toward kingdom ministry. That’s a powerful combination.

Jeff Christopherson, Author and Co-Founder and Missiologist, Send Institute

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