Trekker Benefits and Features

Our Trekker membership includes everything in Explorer. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive video content of informative lessons focused on your head, heart, and hands. You won’t be just another student enrolled in a self-paced course. You will join a learning collaborative of like-minded experts and other explorers like yourself.

  • Receive the Ephesiology Newsletter and exclusive Blogs that will encourage your walk with Christ.

  • Be challenged by the 10-minute Ephesiologist podcast to think critically and constructively about the intersection of faith and culture.

  • Be empowered and equipped by the 10 courses in Master Class Select bundle to engage your community with the gospel.

  • Receive exclusive access to engaging video content designed to inspire you to new levels of personal spiritual growth.

  • 25% discount on our seminary level Master Class Elite courses

  • PLUS! Your $30/month subscription helps us equip three pastors in the Muslim/Hindu world.

Here's what your church leaders will receive

  • 1

    Welcome to your Ephesiology Library!

  • 2

    The Ephesiology Library Tour

    • How to use the course player

    • Accessing your resources

    • Ephesiology Library Levels

    • Meet our Faculty

    • Three Areas of Ministry in the New Testament Church

  • 3

    Ephesiology Podcast

    • Meet our podcasters

    • Current and Past Episodes

  • 4

    The 10-Minute Ephesiologist - Exclusive

    • Introducing the 10-Minute Ephesiologist

    • Episode 1: The Ontology of Missiological Theology

    • Episode 2: The Critique of Church Planting Movements

    • Episode 3: The Looming Crisis in American Christianity

    • Episode 4: Toward a Biblically Informed Worldview

  • 5

    Ephesiology Master Class Select - On Demand

    • Here's what's inside!

    • Start a study in your community

    • Personal Enrichment Pathway

    • Raising Resilient Children

    • Study the Bible Like a Missionary

    • God's Mission in the World

    • Team Building Pathway

    • Ephesiology: The Study Guide

    • Releasing Your Leadership Potential

    • Gospel Proclamation Pathway

    • Rediscover Jesus Through Revelation

    • What is a New Testament Movement?

    • Unwrapping the First Christmas

    • Defense of the Faith Pathway

    • Faith and Culture

    • Becoming Conversant with Critical Social Theories

    • Care for the Marginalized Pathway

    • God's Mandate for Justice

  • 6

    Ephesiology Video Series each Month

    • Monthly videos exclusively for you

    • The Church and Plagues

    • Faithful Character

    • God's Goodness

    • Coming to Jesus

    • The Growth Posture of the New Testament Church

    • The Rise of Christianities

  • 7

    Ephesiology Bonus Collection

    • About the collection

    • Personal Enrichment Pathway

    • Leadership

    • Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    • Team Building Pathway

    • Team Essentials: Apostle, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers

    • Gospel Proclamation Pathway

    • Church Planting

    • Missions made simple

    • Defense of the Faith Pathway

    • Christianity and Politics

    • Care for the Marginalized Pathway

    • Social Justice

  • 8

    Academic Articles Every Quarter

    • About Academic Articles

  • 9

    Free Books Twice a Year

    • About Books

  • 10

    Ephesiology Video Classics

    • About the video classics

  • 11

    Ephesiology Master Class Elite

    • About Ephesiology Master Class Elite

  • 12

    Special Opportunities

    • Exclusive Leadership Consulting

    • Seven Churches Study Tour