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Professor of Spiritual Formation

Donald Patrick Harris

Dr. Harris earned a doctorate of ministry from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He is a Christian thinker and communicator, church missions consultant and spiritual mentor. After four years as the director of missions at Sherwood Bible Church, Don spent the next 25 years church planting and training church planters in the Czech Republic. His foci are congregational — organizational—health, and Christian leadership development. Others appreciate his creative, contemplative, and collaborative approach to complex issues. Individuals and organizations also apply the insights and experiences Don shares via seminars and workshops, small groups, and—of course—one-to-one.

Are you ready to change your world?

It's not simply about what you know in your head, but what you believe in heart and do with your hands so that you are motivated and equipped to lead movements.

Course curriculum

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  • 1

    Course Overview

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • Course Description

  • 2

    Examine the Missional and Ministry Focus

    • Misbehavin’ Missionaries and The Myth of Missionary Spirituality

    • The Inseparability of Spirituality and Mission and Mission As a Spiritual Discipline

    • Case Studies of Missionary Life, Ministry, and Leadership

  • 3

    Establish a Solid Biblical Foundation

    • Old Testament Background Texts

    • The Great Commandments in Luke 10:25-37

    • New Testament Applications of Leviticus 19:18

  • 4

    Erect a Sound Theological Framework

    • Spirituality in Cultural Perspective and Definition of Spiritual Theology

    • Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, Orthopathy

    • Misconceptions About Spiritual Formation

    • Spiritual Formation in Other Words

    • The Life Cycle as a Metaphor of Spiritual Formation

    • Discipline and Rhythm of Life as Metaphors of Spiritual Formation

  • 5

    Engage in Conversational Reflections

    • Prayer and Missionary Spirituality

    • Word and Missionary Spirituality

    • Reflection-Direction and Missionary Spirituality

    • Passion for God and Spiritual Formation for Emerging Leaders

    • Compassion Toward Others and Spiritual Formation for Emerging Leaders

    • Mission to the World and Spiritual Formation for Emerging Leaders

  • 6


    • Recommended Resources

    • Before you go...

    • More resources for you